Official Rules


  • Participant cannot be in Kayak prior to start.
  • Kayak must go around designated buoys. 
  • Participant may have one helper to get kayak from beach to transition area. There may be volunteers at beach head to assist, however they cannot assist participant until they have reached dry land. 
  • Contact with other participants or their equipment must be avoided.
  • When passing on bikes, attempt to pass on the left, announcing to the rider in front. 
  • Participant must stay on designated course.
  • Headphones are permitted as long as the volume allows the riders or running to be aware of other participants.
  • All participatants must wear a life vest during the kayak portion of the race.
  • All participans must wear a helmet while completing the mountain bike course.


  • This is a public place, please be courteous to others in the park and recognize that they might not be aware of what is going on
  •  Family and friends are encouraged to attend to cheer you on, however please advise them to stay in the designated area